Inspired by retro games, Fruits Arena is the most juicy NFT project developed on Cardano. On Ikonowa islands, the biodiversity is phenomenal, you will never see two similar fruits (all our NFTs are unique). Our first Assassin collection is composed of 824 variations!

For now, Fruits Arena is only a collectible project. The selling of the collections will allow us to fund our upcoming mobile game.

The ultimate goal of our project is to release a mobile game in which NFT owners can use their fruits to take part in intense fights, level them up, and unlock exclusive content. More details to come.

🌴 Latest Announcements 🌴

- Assassins are going to invade the islands on 31st May, 2021!

- Our community giveway is still on going on our Twitter. The winner will be selected on 23rd May, 2021.

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