Welcome to Fruits Arena, young banawan! 🍌

After the terrible earthquake that has destroyed the villages of Ikonowa islands, fruits are now fighting to survive. Ikonowa needs a hero to restore the peace! Will you be the one we need?

On Ikonowa islands, the biodiversity is phenomenal, you will never see two exact same fruit. All our NFTs are characterized by:

TYPE The type of fruit represents its rarity. Rarer fruits can reach higher stats in Fruits Arena game
WEAPON Each type of fruit has its own set of weapons. The weapon defines the way the fruit attacks.
ELEMENT The element is represented by the color of the headband:

- Red = Fire 🔥
- Blue = Water 🌊
- Green = Grass 🍃
- Yellow = Electric
- Light blue = Ice 🧊
- Grey = Wind 💨
- Pink = Fairy
- Purple = Void 🌌
BEHAVIOR Eye shapes represent the behavior of the fruit: - Aggresive
- Normal
- Zen

Feel free to visit the shop to find out which fruits are available to purchase! Be careful, some of them may be a bit aggressive..

🌴 Latest Announcements 🌴

- Assassins are going to invade the islands on 31st May, 2021!

- Our community giveway is still on going on our Twitter. The winner will be selected on 23rd May, 2021.

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